Hard work.
That’s how folks built the beautiful Northwest into what it is today.

Everyone from the timber worker to the fisherman believed that their future relied on the quality of their craft. It’s that belief that drives us at Anvil Northwest.

As a creative agency, our craft is design. And like the people who worked the mills and foundries of the past, we identify ourselves by our finished product. We live for design. For us, the anvil embodies not only a homage to the past but stands as a symbol of our daily tasks. A place where work gets done, and projects take shape.

  • Cam Campman
    Cam Campman Creative Director / Paint Huffer / Part Time Janitor / Crayon Artist / Test Subject #4
  • Kathy Heidt
    Kathy Heidt Project Manager / Operations Manager
  • Stewart Martin
    Stewart Martin Senior Designer
  • Dani Raines
    Dani Raines Media Specialist
  • Nathan Wojtach
    Nathan Wojtach Senior Designer
  • Logan Haven
    Logan Haven Photographer / Videographer
  • Kiana Diaz
    Kiana Diaz Administrative Assistant
  • Josh Barklow
    Josh Barklow Printing Assistant
  • Brian Staffield
    Brian Staffield Content Specialist